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Everyone deserves to have their home feel like their castle. Why resign yourself to a boring and banal look when you can get true professional painters & decorators in Hertfordshire to bring your home to life? There are so many ways even the mildest changes in paint, room style, and general decor can absolutely transform a living area. If you’ve finally saved up for that dream kitchen or bathroom, why hesitate? You deserve to enjoy the home you live in, and our professionals are here to help make sure that happens.

HomeServe provides first class painters and decorators for all your requirements and when it comes to making a personal stamp on your home then what better way to start than with a quality painting and decorating service to make your entire living space look and feel brand new.

Painting and Decorating


Our decorating service, equally, covers all aspects of making good your home and improving interior appearances.


Homeserve provides first class painters and decorators in Hertfordshire & Greater London.

Need A Bit Of Paint?

While it can seem easy to paint a new room, there are so many ways things can go wrong from not blending shades, to not having the right equipment to keep your carpet, flooring, and trim safe from dripping paint. These are things you don’t have to worry about when you are in the hands of our tried and true professionals.

Whether you’re just looking for a basic touch up or an entirely new colour scheme to bring the house to life, Homeserve will provide the people and products you need to see the work through from start to finish.

We undertake the whole range of painting services and paint effects, to include traditional, basic techniques for doors and window frames, walls and skirting through to roller and spray painting for large areas and ceilings.

Touch Up Work & Maintenance

Basic touch up work, minor repairs, and general maintenance are no problem. We know how to tackle every type of problem that can come up before, during, and after a remodel. Whatever your home needs, you can count on our professionals to help you bring out the absolute best look that your residence has to offer.

We offer quality assurance, not only in the products and tools we employ but also on behalf of the professionals we put in place to complete the job. We always endeavour to use high grade products from reputable manufacturers to ensure, as far as possible that the finished product is up to scratch and meets our all of our clients’ exacting standards.

All Out Renovation

You can count on us for the major jobs, as well. Tired of that old kitchen? Do you want a bathroom that makes you happy to be home? There are so many ways to improve the look of your home and these two rooms are some of the fastest ways to give yourself a unique look and feel that you will absolutely fall in love with.

Redo your kitchen and bathroom to get your dream version of both rooms, touch up the paint and trim in all the other rooms of the house, and see what a difference the little changes coupled with a couple room renovations can make. Not only will your house look better and be worth more, but the feelings of relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment that come from truly loving your home are absolutely priceless.

Our decorating service covers all aspects of making your home good and improving interior appearances. We can have everything covered from paper hanging and wall coverings, artex and coving fitting and refitting through to cornices and dado rails.

A New Look For A New Vibe

There’s no question that a new look can really make the difference in creating that pleasant and at home vibe that helps you relax after a long day at work. When you’re ready for a change to enjoy your time at home, to enjoy that peace, then give us a call and we will help you get that home look you envision. A new look might be just what the doctor ordered!

The next time you need painters & decorators in Hertfordshire, call our professionals and rest assured you will get the absolute best in customer service to go with our outstanding quality of work.

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